I love the energy and ideas that come from working in a team. Over the years, I’ve had clients telling me all the things that were wrong with their business, but, do you know what the biggest problem was? They simply weren’t effectively utilising their most valuable resource – their team members!

Working with leaders and their teams to unearth their potential is a real driver behind our various tailored leadership and team programs. Utilising creative facilitation is a great way to improve team relationships and have everyone working better, for brighter results, together.

I recommend these five things to help improve team engagement

  1. Involve your team in your business decision making. Often fresh eyes or different perspectives help you reach better decisions and buy in from all concerned.
  2. Empower your team by giving them responsibility on something new. This shows you trust them and value their input.
  3. Schedule regular informal catch ups – knowing what’s going on both professionally and personally shows that you care.
  4. Recognition. This is a big one and one that so many businesses fail to do. Celebrate achievements – acknowledge your staff or individual who has done a great job, met a key target or gone above and beyond their normal duties. Be sure to document these activities in your newsletters, website, blog and other internal communication channels.
  5. Have an activity or event that has nothing to do with work that shows you care and value their contribution.
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