I love that you are helping more aspiring B Corps on their journey Anna. Your guidance was key to Cannings achieving our certification. www.canningsfreerangebutchers.com.au

Donna Weatherall

CFO, Cannings

Anna has a remarkable ability to distil our brand’s essence.  She has adeptly refined our messaging, making our identity and values more accessible to clients.  Her contribution has extended to enhancing our internal cohesion by aligning us around a shared mission and values framework and fostering better teamwork dynamics. Anna’s engagement transcends conventional consulting – her insights resonate as if she were an integral part of our team.  Her profound understanding of our objectives and pertinent advice have been transformative, and have involved supporting new business, facilitating team planning days and honing our brand’s resonance. www.sierralegal.com.au

Craig Sanford

Director, Sierra Legal

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